Welcome to GUARDIANS!

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Welcome to GUARDIANS!

Post  Veigar on Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:57 pm

This is the new forums of the GUARDIANS League in Three Kingdoms Online English Server 1 Ancient Empires. Here are the requirements before registration. Failure to comply will delay your access to the forum.

1. Please write a message to Veigar ingame that includes the e-mail address you'll be using for the new forum.

2. Register at this forum site and make sure that the username you will be using is exactly the same in the game (including capital or special characters). Only one account per player is allowed.

3. Once you have submitted your registration, check your e-mail to validate your address for the forums.

4. Once validated, please wait patiently while the Admin grants your complete access for the new forums.

5. While using the forums... be respectful, be honest, be friendly, and most of all be loyal!

6. Don't be shy, keep on posting if you need help or if you want to help others!

7. Let's make GUARDIANS and this game a very fruitful one.

8. Still having problems viewing the forums? Please make a new topic here. Be sure that you have followed all the instructions especially #1.

Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

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